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AFEX is one of the largest non-bank providers of global payments and risk management with a heritage that dates back to 1979. We serve more than 35,000 clients for our 22 offices worldwide and provide retail transaction services from our locations in Beverly Hills and New York.
Whether it's hiring a local film or TV crew on location and paying them in their local currency or balancing the value of the US dollar, AFEX can help you navigate through the challenges and difficulties of the foreign exchange market. Although currency rates usually change gradually, an economic or political event can have a dramatic effect on exchange rates. In order to keep within budget, it’s vital to protect your budget with the use of Spot Forward or Option Contracts.

Our dedicated account managers make sure you’re on top of the market and help to plan and execute a FX strategy that fits your unique situation.

Special offer for PGA Members:

As a trusted partner of PGA we are able to offer you an attractive spread of 0.5% on all Spot and Forward transactions and will waive our transfer fees. At our retail locations in New York and Beverly Hills you will not pay transaction fees and receive a discounted exchange rate.   


Additional benefits:

  • Pay no fees and save with discounted exchange rates
  • Send payments 24/7 using AFEXDirect, our online payment platform
  • Make Spot transactions in more than 150 currencies
  • Manage your FX risk using Forward and Option contracts
  • Get market guidance from our dedicated account managers

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To learn more about AFEX’s solutions and The PGA partnership, please contact our dedicated sales manager for the entertainment industry:
Nahal Safarzadeh
+1 818 728 3864

AFEX is a proud partner of the PGA   

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